Another Crack at This…

Well I haven’t done a good job with this blogging thing…took me ages to remember my username and password…yep that bad.

No point beating myself up about it, I’m logged in, I’m writing, changed my theme and I’m moving forward… Can’t change the past but I can do something in the here and now.

So what’s changed? Continue reading →

My Love Hate Relationship with Weekends

Waste time wisely

Original source Nordstorm

I sit here on as another Sunday evening winds down and I’m fully aware I haven’t accomplished anything I planned to do.

During the week, I work like a dog, get home and try to study and focus on my job applications and I’m never as productive as I need to be because I’m tired. The light at the end of the tunnel is the weekend (especially when I haven’t got anything planned). I tell myself: Continue reading →

That dreaded word…Marriage

Seems I’m at that age when everyone’s getting married, is married or desperately trying to get you married off i.e. PARENTS!…To be fair I can’t blame family or my parents for the pressure I feel. All my friends I grew up with and cousins my age all seem to be at that point in their lives except me. I’m in love and I’m with the my man of my dreams but of course with my luck there’s the complication that we live at different ends of the Atlantic… Continue reading →

I am Loved and I am Thankful…

My long Christmas holiday is over and I’m flying back to where I call home at the moment….

I find myself reflecting and for once I’m not sad or heartbroken to be going back..I am thankful!

I’m thinking about my wonderful family with all their individual quirks and I feel warm inside…my dad and his recent naivety with anything TV or Internet related…my mum and her strength in holding this family through thick and thin…my older brother and his awesome geeky-ness (I know that’s not a real word) lol…my wonderful sister and her loving heart…my new niece and her heartwarming smile…my brother-in-law and his rock solid personality…my lil brother and his struggles that I believe will pass…and my love..who has the power to make me blissfully happy and pushed to the edge of despair the next minute… Continue reading →

One Small Step for Me, One Giant Leap for my Self Worth

Feeling quite pleased with myself right now…I actually dusted out my CV and began applying for a job I would really like to me it’s a big deal.

Took me ages to even open up the word document on my screen. I’m the queen of procrastination/perpetuation – I spent about 10 hrs of the time I was meant to be writing my CV:

  • browsing the Internet,
  • checking up trivia,
  • browsing Instagram (disappointed that I haven’t got much on my news feed), Continue reading →

Happy New Year World!

It’s New Year’s eve and I’m sitting here watching a morbid documentary with my brother-in-law, who’s off to party the last day of the year away, like normal people do… I could have gone out too but I’ve turned down the opportunity to sit here and write, read and think about myself…exciting stuff!

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Now Mentality…

It’s been a while since I posted here. I seem to have lots spill when I’m upset lol. I guess that’s the drama queen in me.

Interesting  day..spent analyzing myself as individual, seeing my flaws and trying understand what I want in life.

I want to be successful…like everyone else in the world I guess but what am I doing about it, you might ask. Nothing much it seems. I’ve realised that I’ve struggled all my life in my self worth. Hiding it well but when it comes to making those big decisions that make would make sense to anyone else I seem to struggle.  Continue reading →